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Be it a business meeting or for anniversaries, parties, events and private dinners, render each of your occasions unique, unrepeatable and unforgettable at the Rubacuori Restaurant within Château Monfort, offering unique and private spaces available to create tailor-made service offerings. 

In the main dining hall of Rubacuori, round mirrored tables and stunning silver chairs with comfortable seating and heart-shaped backrests in pastel tones create the optimal location for a romantic dinner or to celebrate family anniversaries. On the left, passing the seventeenth-century antique doorway, one accesses the Alcova del Rubacuori, characterised by cosy retro-chic sofas with a modern twist and equally suitable for special occasions. On the other side is the access to the Sala della Caccia (or dei Trofei), evoking a hunting lodge having a focus on fun, with contrasting mannerist trophies in white ceramic.